Enriching your Skype for Business Meetings with the Magewell HDMI to USB Capture Device

Following on from some product reviews of the Magewell HDMI to USB Capture device from MVP’s Matt Landis (http://windowspbx.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/magewell-usb-capture-hdmi-review.html) and Tom Morgan (http://blog.thoughtstuff.co.uk/2016/01/review-magewell-usb-capture-hdmi/) I wanted to create a short presentation on how I use the device in the making of some Skype Show episodes and also how to extract the best possible experience from meetings. I encourage you to read and watch the reviews by Matt and Tom first as they discuss the device characteristics, while this review is intended to be an extension of their hard work.

The presentation isn’t so much a product review, more of a demonstration of findings to help you determine suitability for Skype meetings.

One of the biggest and most complained about limitations for Skype meetings is the inability for the presenter to play media files within wrapped content or using desktop sharing. We now have a solution to show media clip playback within Skype meetings at a reasonable frame rate and quality, and with a little bit of tweaking even sound! I will leave you to decide whether this is worth the investment. Hope you enjoy.

To make the test authentic, the following video has been recorded using Skype for Business built in recording functionality directly from the meeting used to test the device.

On a personal note about the use of this device, the device performs extremely well, any loss of quality in video or audio is down to the limitations of the Skype for Business client and AV model. Capturing the stream using a dedicated video capture program locally on the laptop produces excellent results.


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